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Parents have long known about the special bond between children and dogs related to 7 Stunning Pictures Of Dogs Breeds These canine good friends are fiercely loyal to their charges, while being incredibly lovable to them. Kids can tug on their ears, pull their tails, and play with their dog food, while the dogs patiently take all the unintended abuse. In honor of this loving relationship between dog and child, I have compiled fun information about dogs that will be fun for kids to learn.

Have you ever thought about how dogs view the world? Some people think that dogs are unable to see colors, but this is not true. Dogs see the world in color, just as we do. However, colors to dogs are not as vivid as they are to human eyes. Think about how the world looks at dusk, when the sun is setting and colors start to fade out. That is pretty close to how dogs see colors.

Even though canines do not see color the same as we do, they see much better in low light. The reason for this is because they have a layer just behind their retina that reflects light back to their eyes, allowing them to see better than we do with little light. Think of it as a sort of reflector, like you see on bike pedals. You can sometimes even see this reflector when you take flash pictures of your dogs. Their eyes look like they are glowing because of the reflector.

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