8 Fabulous Pictures Of Military Dog Tags

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If you have some dogs especially 8 Fabulous Pictures Of Military Dog Tags at home, you will take care of them as if they are human being. However, have you found the basic differences between the dog and human being? Some facts probably amaze you and some others don't. The dog's heart beats faster than human's heart and it has the higher normal temperature too. Besides, dogs mostly have the impressive capability to recognize particular smells much better than human being.

Anyway, dog and human have the similarity too. Both are the only creatures with prostate. So, you will not find it in other animals. Unfortunately, the impressive dog's capability to identify smells is not followed by the good capability to see and recognize various colors very well. Therefore, dogs can not see the color vividly. A lot of people believed that dogs were descended from Tomarctus. The experts claimed Tomarctus lived for about 15 million years ago.

What about the fossils of dogs? There are lots of speculations and estimations about it, but the archeologist mostly claim the earliest fossils can be traced back to the ancient era (for about 10.000 B.C). In short, dogs have long history from the past time up to the current civilization.

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