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There is always a mistaken idea regarding the fact that the bone is fixed. This is because of the known truth that the human skeleton is entirely renewed approximately seven to ten years. There are a lot of people that envision the skeleton as a stationary figure just because it is a hard structure that supports our body. In fact, just as with many other tissues in the body such as the skin, the skeleton needs to turn over constantly throughout life.

The skeleton espesially 6 Skeletal System Study Guide has three main functions. The first one is the fact that it serves as the framework that permits locomotion. Through this framework, it is possible for us to do the things we can. The second one is the truth that it can be storage room for calcium. Calcium is very vital for our health. It can lend a hand in the maintenance of good bone structure for our body. That is why, it will be important for the skeleton to remain healthy as it serves as a reservoir of calcium.

Also, calcium ions are important in intracellular cycling. Last but not the least it serves to protect the organs of the thorax. Thorax must be well guarded so through the help of the skeleton, it can serve as a shield.

For all of these functions, the skeleton is uniquely adapted. The idea that our skeleton is constantly changing through time, is something we could consider its important adaptation. The reason for that turnover is that regular cycles of loading of bone would result in micro damage. These little cracks will ultimately lead into the increase fragility of the bone. Thus, it will make the bone structure to be more brittle and more fragile. The turnover cycle is the means whereby we store healthy bone to areas of bone which are susceptible to such micro damage.

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