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Shrimp are swimming, decapods shellfishes widely dispersed in both fresh as well as aquatic waters and are the participants of the infraorder Caridea. The word shrimp originates from an Aged English word. Grownups are filter feeding benthic pets living close to all-time low. They favor to live in schools and could swim also in reverse. 6 Crayfish Images They develop an integral part of food of pets like fishes as well as whales. They could endure highly poisonous waters and could also add to high contaminant degrees in the killers. Along with prawns they are highly captured and farmed on business basis. The course Malacostraca has about fifty percent of the shellfishes. The participants of this course bear primitive 5-8-7 physical body strategy like that of a shrimp. They birth small carapace which shields the head and thorax underneath. Abdominal area is muscle basically used for swimming. The exoskeleton is slim maintaining lightweight of the physical body. These features prevail in all participants of this course.

They may be further classified right into decapods which may be either dendrobranchaite or carideans. They have sequentially overlapping physical body segments, initially 2 sets of legs are chelate and the physical body resembles a larva. In prawns the first 3 sets of legs are chelate. Real shrimps can be separated from the true prawns of the basis of their gill frameworks. The gill framework is lamellar in shrimps while it is branching in the prawns. The best method to set apart a real shrimp and a real prawn is noting the 2nd stomach segment. The 2nd segment overlaps the first and 3rd segment in real shrimps while in prawns the 2nd segments overlaps just the 3rd segment. Although both resemble quite carefully they are kept in various suborders of order Decapoda.

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