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4 Cell Cycle Animation. A number of fixations plaguing the astrobiology community regarding the pre-requisites for life is retarding the improvement of biology and the search for new life in the universe. These fixations work as smokescreens to obscure the myriads of other types of life forms that may be thriving even in our Solar System. Astrobiologists, especially at NASA, appear to have a dogmatic fixation on studying life just at the biochemical level, a pre-occupation with water as a substrate for life, adamant on just studying carbon-based life forms, restricted to a very narrow temperature range and scale; and not even realizing that the life forms that they have imagined in their wildest versions are only centered on particles within the (physicists') Standard Design.

Physics affects biology in a more basic method than actually chemistry or biochemistry. New developments in physics should open up places to consider more extreme life forms. If we find dark matter and supersymmetric particles - would biologists then start thinking about dark matter and supersymmetric life forms? Should we be talking about "quantum biology"? When physicists talk of parallel universes, would biologists consider symbiosis between life forms in parallel universes? Is Darwin's tree of life complete? Where are its roots?

Bacteria might be no larger than 10 microns; viruses no larger than 100 nanometers; molecules about 1 nanometer and atoms about 0.1 nanometer. Does size enforce a barrier to life or even awareness? If viruses are considered life forms (as some leading astrobiologists dispute) then they constitute "nano-life".

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