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4 Cell Cycle Animation. A paramount obstacle to future space colonies is food supply. At some point the food will have to be grown locally in-house. Of course, that poses some serious criteria to produce such a greenhouse system viably sustainable. One problem that not many have considered is how to get the plants to grow in an environment where the normal World's frequencies do not exist. Let's talk.

Not long ago, I got into an intellectual conversation relating to this dilemma with Brad Feddersen, a Space Technologist, who then pondered; "Is there a quantifiable consistency on Earth that can be accurately replicated in other space locales? How do we handle the background consistency around the new home planet? That mixes with artificial world frequencies and should be taken into account. Indeed, the real experiment will be if plants care. "

Right, so good question, and we unfortunately still don't know the answer to that. However, consider this, if we have a fairly steady vibrational white noise, you then counter that with a similar white noise frequency, as well as the difference is set to be Earth's frequency. While World's consistency is somewhere in the area of 4-5 Hz, this can be accomplished easily enough. The seed cells vibrate at their best maximum frequency which is near Earth's consistency to which they've had to adapt and change. This allows them to be the most effective they can be for their DNA from Zip-File (seed) to maturity. See that point. Not trying to get too much into the spirituality side, merely from what we know about cell biology and lifestyle on Earth you see?

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