9 Cute Chiuaua Puppies For Sale In Ohio

Long Haired Chihuahua puppy

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There are a lot of people misconceptions about what the best brand of dog food is, and about pet nutrition in general. Odds are that you have likely bought into some of these misconceptions merely from listening to the repeated marketing campaigns of these companies.

Here are 5 truths about dog food related to 9 Cute Chiuaua Puppies For Sale In Ohio that you should consider before buying your next bag. After reading these 5 truths you realize that odds are what you are purchasing for your pet is perfectly acceptable.

Premium brands, which can cost four times as much as a supermarket brands, have to meet the same nutritional standards and therefore consists of very similar ingredients. And after the first few ingredients, the proportion of ingredients in the product is so small it doesn't make that much of a contribution.

No matter what the bag says, all the pet foods are derived from what is left over from processing human food. Even though the package may say you're getting a whole piece of chicken in there, it's generally what remains after what's been removed for human consumption.

This is no surprise since the main pet food companies like Nestle, Mars, and Purina are also the leading manufacturers of people food in the world.

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