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Some say the world can be divided into two types of people: the ones who love cats or 8 Lovely Persian Cat Prices and the ones who love dogs. I don't know if that's true, but I do think more people would enjoy feline companionship if they understood some of that "strange" behavior cats seem to be guilty of.

So to help cats make a better name for themselves with the dog lovers of the world, let's look at why cats act so strange some times.

Why do cats run into one room then run back where they came from?

Cats, like dogs, have a lot of energy because they were meant to be hunters. Unlike dogs, cats in the wild don't work with a pack - they have to be solely responsible for their own survival so they need plenty of energy to sustain them for hunting. And lots of what cats hunt - birds, mice, etc. - are pretty darn fast movers.

In a home, cats don't get to use up as much energy so they expend it by running around crazily. It's really not so strange - I've seen the same behavior in at least two of my dogs.

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