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Climate Of Tropical Rainforest

There is no question that a hardwood floor looks spectacular in numerous different rooms in the home. There is a certain warmth and familiarity about it that welcomes everyone into the home. No matter how good a laminated finish is, you can't beat the real hardwood look.

But it's essential to make sure you find out where your hardwood flooring comes from. Not all hardwood is ethically managed and produced. If you want to do your bit for the environment you should look for forest friendly hardwoods related to 7 Tropical Rainforest Climate Photos instead of going for the first thing you see.

The does forest friendly mean?

This term is given to all timber that is sourced without harming the environment. This can imply more than one thing however.

For example you may be able to source reclaimed or recycled hardwood flooring. This would enable you to reuse something instead of buying it brand new. Some hardwood flooring can look particularly attractive when it is reclaimed because it will already look aged and will be full of character as a result.

It can also mean the hardwood comes from a sustainable source. Properly managed forests allow for new trees to grow while older ones are felled for use in the building industry and associated uses. The wood should not be sourced from rainforests that are hundreds of years old, as this can trigger damage to them that can not be repaired.

How good are forest friendly hardwoods when it comes to quality?

You don't have to worry about the quality of such a wood, because it is always outstanding. The only real difference in the wood is that it has come from a source that is ecologically sustainable. This implies you are doing no harm to the environment by buying such a product.

Does this mean you shouldn't purchase laminated flooring?

It all depends on what kind of laminated flooring you are searching for. The better quality laminate flooring uses a thin layer of real hardwood to cover the cheaper base. Check that the laminate you are considering buying is made using forest friendly hardwoods. If it is you know you will be supporting a worthy green cause.

Obviously laminate hardwood flooring can be a good option anyway. This is because only a thin layer of real wood is used, as opposed to the whole board being made from hardwood. It provides a cheaper option for you and it also means that less wood is taken from the forest friendly source.

If you are considering purchasing new flooring for your home, make sure you look into buying an environmentally friendly option from a sustainable source. By doing this you will be doing your bit for the environment while still getting a good-looking floor for your home. Search for the FSC label (indicating approval by the Forest Stewardship Council) on every hardwood flooring product you buy. This will give you peace of mind that they are indeed made from forest friendly hardwoods.

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