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Now what do we feed our cats especially 7 Nice Persian Cat Life Expectancy Here is a subject that has so many pros and cons I could fill up 10 to 15 pages and still not come to a convincing conclusion. It boils down to commercial processed food versus natural foods plus the question do we feed our pets vitamins and supplements, too.

What really is natural pet food? The first thing that comes to mind is raw, unadulterated food. Actually mice and birds with maybe a squirrel or two thrown in are natural foods for a cat. Eating any one of these critters would provide your cat with all the proper nutrition it would need to live a long and healthful life.

According to the Pet Food Committee of the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) "natural" as it relates to pet food is a food or ingredient derived solely from a plant, an animal or a mined source. It can either be in it's natural state (raw) or processed by several means including cooking. The food per se remains "natural" as long as it has not been subjected to a chemical synthetic process and does not contain any additives that are chemically synthetic. Prophylene Glycol and BHA are two examples of chemically synthesized ingredients. Now don't you feel smarter?

Commercial pet food manufacturers have set recommendations given to them by AAFCO that set the standards for providing vitamins and minerals for our pets in their food. These standards do not provide the optimum level of vitamins and minerals needed. They only provide enough needed to prevent our pets from having a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

In an ideal world all commercially prepared pet food would provide our pets with a completely healthy and balanced diet. Not even the very best canned or dry food made for cats is perfect. There is not a 100 % balanced and complete food to be found anywhere, no matter what the label says. Pet food for the most part is processed by heat and as we know heat destroys vitamins and enzymes. Even frozen and freeze-dried pet foods are not the "100 % perfect food" to feed your pet.

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