7 Modern Hybrid Tea Roses Photos

pink modern hybrid tea rose

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Whether it is roses, other flower gardening, or just about any type of plant, the secret to prosperous organic gardening of any kind is to understand the way nature works. Nature generally tries to retain a delicate balance. By understanding the basics of how plants mature, you will understand how to retain nature's balance and thus keep your roses healthy. Basically, water and nutrients are absorbed into the root system and pulled up through the stems into the green leaves by the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is actually a plant process that uses water and energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates that it uses for advancement and other plant functions related to 7 Modern Hybrid Tea Roses Photos. The carbohydrates are stored in the offices and stems of roses, trees, and other plants. These stored carbohydrates are used as reserve energy for the plant. When a crises occurs, such as a broken stem or pathogenic episode, the stored carbohydrates are used. Stored carbohydrates are also used in the spring to create new stems and foliage. A natural soil environment teems with bacteria, fungi, nematodes, earthworms, and other soil organisms. Many of these soil microbes break down dead leaves and other products into humus, which enriches the soil. Other soil microbes form symbiotic relationships with roses and other plants.

A symbiotic relationship is actually a relationship that is beneficial to all players in the relationship. Mycorrhizal fungus creates a vital symbiotic relation with roses and other plants. Mycorrhiza attaches itself to the roots of your roses and other plants. It uses some of the carbohydrates stored by your plants to grow, but helps your roses and other plants by building minerals more available. In a healthy soil environment, the mycorrhizae attached to one of your roses will mature and become interconnected to the mycorrhizae of other roses and plants. In effect, it provides a secondary root system for your garden plants. Roses and other plants also release exudates from their roots that attract beneficial microbes. As an example, exudates from rose roots attract friendly bacterium that ward off pathogenic fungi. Beneficial soil microbes, which are found in natural humus and compost, also make minerals more available to your roses and other plants. Beneficial soil microbes also help protect roses and other plants from predatory life forms.

Another important thing to understand is that plants of all forms are a little bit like humans--some get along very well and some don't. Some plants grow well together and actually enable each other survive. Other plants inhibit neighboring plants. Plants that grow well together are referred to as companion plants. Associate plants are a vital factor in any garden. We will talk more about them later.

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