7 Beautiful Monk Parrots

Monk Parakeet

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Here are some really cool and fantastic facts about birds especially 7 Beautiful Monk Parrots I hope you will enjoy reading these. Green Herons do fishing like us humans. They sometimes drop live insects in water and the fish that appear to catch this prey end up becoming the Green Heron's prey.

1. Australian pelican's beak is the longest in all birds. It can grow up to 47 cm long.
2. A bird known as Hooded Pitohui is a poisonous bird.
3. The Great Bustard is the heaviest bird on earth that can fly.
4. Some scientists believe and have theorized that many modern species of birds have evolved from the 5. dinosaurs, based on similarities in skeletal structure.
6. A humming bird can fly backwards as well as sideways.
7. An extinct bird which was unable to fly, the Dodo bird, was a relative of pigeons. Funny one relative got extinct while other is so over populated.
8. Pee humming bird is the smallest bird on earth measuring 2.5 inch and weighs only 0.06 oz.
9. The pigeon droppings make an excellent fertilizer.
10. The Eastern bluebirds are ascertained for their vibrant coloring and really sweet songs.
11. There are more than 350 species of parrots on earth.
12. According to an estimate, about one billion birds die each year.
13. Male Frigatebirds attract females with their inflatable red-colored throat pouches.

Did you notice that the beak of a bird directly corresponds to the type of the died it eats in the wild?

1. Did you ascertain that the world's smallest owl is the elf owl? It is of the size of a sparrow and weighs only 1.5 ounce.
2. There are some parrot species that fly over 500 miles a day in the wild to forage for food.
3. The kiwi of New Zealand is the only bird without wings.
4. Grackles are able to imitate human speech better than parrots.
5. Egg of a Royal Albatross will normally take 79 days to hatch.

The most long lived parrot on record is a Blue and Gold Macaw named Charlie. It is reported to have been owned by Winston Churchill, and is believed to be 104 years of age. (source: BBC, now BBC reported this in 2004 and the parrot was still alive, it might have lived even after that and if the parrot is still alive it would be around 110 years old. Read the interesting story about Charlie yourself at.

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