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As a student of biology, you'll be introduced to several terms you will be hearing for the first time. If you wish to have a career within this field of study subsequently it's essential that you understand the various concepts of the subject. While learning about tissues especially 6 Virtual Cell Lab, you'll come across the term 'Haploid Cell'. This is the cell that contains half amount of the chromosomes that's present in a diploid cell. In this article, we will explain haploid cells in detail:

The cell which comprises of just one set of chromosomes is known as haploid cell. This kind of tissues in humans or different animals are actually the sex tissues that comprise of egg and sperms. They together type a process that's known as meiosis. When the egg is properly fertilized from the sperm, it produces a diploid cell.

A mobile subsequently divides into two distinct parts and give rise to daughter ones. This process is observed only in the eukaryotic type, and this is the fact that part of the life cycle which involves sexual reproduction. This procedure aids in the combination of the guardianis genes, without growing the number of chromosomes. In higher level animals, such as humans, the reproductive areas, such as ovaries and testicles divide to structure sex tissues from the process of meiosis.

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