6 Leaf Footed Bug Controls

Leaf Footed Bug

Look very closely at the bugs you are killing. They are not all bad. Some of those bugs especially 6 Leaf Footed Bug Controls are very useful. Here are some useful tips to understand what not to kill.

Ladybugs are probably the most familiar of all useful bugs. These little fighters eat aphids. All stages of the ladybug attracts all stages of the aphids. You definitely want these in your garden.
Lacewings are another excellent help. These little bugs eat many different insects and are an excellent addition to any garden or greenhouse.
There are several types of beetles that offer protection to your garden. The tiger beetle is a black beetle with yellow stripes on its wings. It digs in the ground and eats insect larvae. The spined soldier bug preys on insect eggs and larvae. The soldier beetle is a green beetle that preys on aphids and other insects including grasshopper eggs and caterpillars.
Dragonflies eat mosquitos and other flies.
Don't discount spiders and yellow jackets. Although not the friendliest insects on the planet, they are excellent predators. These vicious creatures will eat most insects. Remember the saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." It holds true in this case.
Obviously, bees are a necessary insect. Spraying your plants while they are trying to flower may result in poor pollination. Don't kill your helpers.
Surprisingly, even wasps are excellent garden aides, just remember to watch for them. Wasps enjoy slugs and moths. They make a wonderful dinner.
So, how do you go about getting these good guys into your garden? Sure, you can go to the local nursery and buy them; and, in some cases that may not be a bad idea. However, you can attract many in simply by using biodiversity in your garden.

Biodiversity is a big word for saying lots of different plants, insects, and mediums. Look around you. In nature you will see many different things in a small area. Surprisingly, you will all see these plants have little disease or insect problems. Why? Balance. Balance is nature's way of taking care of itself.

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