6 Kind Of Animals In The Tropical Rainforest

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As carp anglers it is in our interests to safeguard the species we fish especially 6 Kind Of Animals In The Tropical Rainforest for, so everyone in the sport can continue to enjoy their future captures in our venues, both in the UK and France.

Numerous anglers however, are unaware or ill-prepared for the first trip to France and I frequently see people arriving with inadequate equipment to safely deal with large carp. Here then is a brief run down of what you ought to learn about fish care.

Use Safe rigs: Seems apparent nowadays that rigs ought to be safe and give the fish the best chance of freeing themselves in the case of a breakage or crack off. It never ceases to impress me when I see anglers using death rigs made up of a Steptoe and Child collection of tubing and swivels. With all the companies like Fox, Korda and Drennan making outstanding rig bits there is no excuse. These short articles aren't dear, will catch you more fish as they are certainly much more effective than a home made job and most importantly they have been made to be as fish safe as is possible. Please read the instructions and ensure you are using them correctly. I saw two anglers last year attaching leadcore leaders to their mainlines with swivels along with in-line leads, this rather naturally negates the safe nature of the rig.
Never leave your rods ignored: This is another one that really annoys me, men wandering off down the bank to chat to their mates and leaving his rods out. Please if you have to leave your peg ... Reel them in!! Not only will you miss fish, but if a hooked carp makes a snag while you have gone walkabout it will almost certainly end in a breakage and a tethered fish. Secondly you have a high risk of the fish going through other anglers lines and spoiling their sport. Finally you run a risk of your rods ending up in the lake, if the line jams, runs out or snags up you might lose your expensive rod and reel permanently.
Use a big unhooking mat: Bugbear number three for me is undersized unhooking mats. Some I see would serve better as table mats. Carp and especially cats can grow big in France. Mats ought to be as large as you can drink. Foam needs to be deep and protective. Always place them on flat, preferably grassy ground, away from the water's edge, to avoid the fish sliding down the bank. There are a number on the market, from the cradle type through the beany type to the inflatable ones ... Which ever you selected ensure it can deal with the most significant fish in the lake. When you do land that 40lb monster, you'll be glad you had a big mat. Believe me big carp are expensive and need protection to prevent injury.
Use a proper sized landing net: You'll need a good size landing net. Many carp nets are 42 inch or bigger these days, and this ought to be considered a minimum. I choose having a 50 inch net as you can drink long fish and the smaller cats (as much as 40lb in them). I would suggest you actually set up two landing nets, one each side of your peg. By doing this you're not hunting for a net that is too far away when you've walked down the swim to play the fish. Also if you drink two fish in quick succession you're not faced with trying to fit two carp in one net.

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