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Most people love butterflies especially 6 Blue Morpho Butterfly Size, as they are beautiful creatures to look at, and they are colorful and make us smile. Butterflies help pollinate plants and flowers, and they are extremely important to nature. That part you probably knew. Butterflies start out as worms, form a cocoon, and then turn into beautiful butterflies in an exquisite trick of nature. Yes, you did probably know these things already, but other than that, what do you really know about butterflies.

Monarch butterflies are very cool and are common to North America, they also migrate long distances and anyone who has ever driven a car through one of these migrations knows there are millions of them, and they make a mess of the windshield and front grill of your car during this time of year. But, if you'd like to learn more, then I recommend a very good article which was featured in The ZooNooz Magazine titled; "A Wing and a Prayer - The Monarch's Epic Migration" printed on April of 2001.

Did you know that the Monarch Butterflies go through four-generations between migrations - and they still know where to go back to? How on Earth do they know that? Yes, isn't nature fascinating? So many people never bother to understand how incredible nature is or how perfectly adapted and evolved it has become. These butterflies help crop yields through pollination and are essential to nature in so many ways.

They are also a food supply to many other species, and yes, every year they come to your garden too, isn't it great to see nature up close and personal. Now you know another secret of nature, what else do you suppose is up Mother Nature's sleeve? Lots more I tell you, lots more. And the Monarch Butterfly thanks you for your flower garden, and graces you with its beauty, pollination services, and abundance. Please consider all this.

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