5 Red Deer Antler Velvet Photos

red deer portrait

Consider it or not, many people really don't know what a mammal actually is. There are a number of identifying factors that define a mammal from a non-mammal. They are some of the most lovely, wonderful creatures on our planet Earth and come in all shapes and sizes - from armadillos to whales, including human beings. Mammals share very specific similarities that might surprise you.

Mammals belong to the animal classification (type) known as Mammalia related to 5 Red Deer Antler Velvet Photos. They share distinct qualities that differ from other animals. For one, nearly all mammals are warm-blooded and are live birth bearers, meaning they give birth to live young as opposed to laying eggs that need to hatch.

Earth's female mammals are the only creatures on our planet that make milk for their young. The milk is developed through the mother's mammary glands, which are generally located on the chest to upper groin area. The milk is very rich in vitamins and particular nutrients that are crucial to a baby animal's needs.

Unlike our cold-blooded reptile friends such as snakes and most lizards, who require sunlight to warm up, mammals are almost ready to start the day instantly. Their bodies make enough heat to keep a consistently warm temperature.

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