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Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in the United States. It seems that spiders have gotten a bad wrap for being vicious, toxic creatures that'll bite at every chance. This undoubtedly is not accurate, but it is important to know the facts when it comes to 6 Brown Spider Florida. Knowledge is power, and this article will give you some great general knowledge about these common critters.

Because spiders have more than two eyes, most people presume that they use eager vision to capture their prey. This is far from accurate. Many spiders use the well-created bristles that cover their bodies to capture dinner. These bristles can sense the slightest of vibrations, such as an insect writhing in a spider's web. The bristles can also supply essential sensory information about airflow, which for some spiders allows them to capture prey in mid air. Bristles are not hairs, but rather are part of their exoskeleton. Spiders have an exoskeleton, meaning their skeletal framework is on the outside rather than the inside.

Size does not necessarily matter when determining if a spider is harmful. While tarantulas are undoubtedly big and frightening to many people, they present little risk. Tarantulas are not toxic; however, their bite can be painful. So you should exercise caution around these large spiders.

Many people believe that the Daddy-long-legs is just a spider; this is false. While it may look like a spider, it actually has a noticeably different body structure than real spiders.

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