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Have you heard the term, birding by ear? If you're an avid birder then you most likely have, but if you are fairly new at bird watching then you probably haven't. So what exactly does birding by ear really mean? Let's take a look and try to answer your questions.

So, how does a person go about watching birds included 6 Beautiful Parrot Lifespan by their ears? I know that may not seem to make much sense at first though, but birding by ear is simply a talent that is learned by recognizing what a particular bird looks like and knowing what their calls sound like.

It takes a while to learn this art, but once you do, birding will become an even more enjoyable experience!

Listening to and learning the various birdsongs is what birding by ear is all about. Once you get started you'll notice that you will see more birds because you hear them first.

Every bird has their own unique sound they make. No two species are alike. Sort of like no two snowflakes are alike. Once you begin hearing their unique songs you won't have to see them to know which type of bird it is.

There are several ways to go about learning birding by ear and recognizing the sounds of different birds. Here are just two examples.

1. Purchase a birdsong CD. These CD's not only allow you to hear each bird singing, but they let you know what bird it is. This is a fantastic way to memorize sounds.

2. Purchase a birding guide. Many of these guides include phonetics and sound units to mimic the sounds of different birds.

Another way is to simply go out and record your own birding sounds on a portable cassette player. With today's technology you can even turn recordings into pictures.

Birding by ear doesn't have to be difficult whatsoever. With a little practice and patience you will begin to greatly expand your bird watching abilities in a short amount of time.

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